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North Park
October 5, 2015

Thankfully they kept walking

It was about 11 o’clock at night and I was on my way to meet a friend when I passed a group of about five guys drinking beers on the sidewalk in front of an apartment building. I excused myself and walked through them but as I passed I could hear them laughing and whistling. I kept my head down and just keep walking but to my horror they followed.…
Harris Green
October 5, 2015

He seemed oblivious to my personal…

I’d just finished work and was on the #26 bus heading to a friend's house. The bus was almost empty just one or two people at the front. I walked right to the back and sat in the corner seat. A man got on after me and to my surprise he not only sat beside me but pretty much half on top of me. He threw his backpack on the…
November 13, 2014

Trying not to let this get…

I was just waiting for the bus here when a guy in the passenger side of a car called me a cunt. Having a bad day but trying not to let this get to me. Shits bunk.


Regarding the trial of Jian Ghomeshi

Hollaback! Canada joint statement We believe people who share their stories We stand in solidarity with Lucy DeCoutere, Linda Redgrave, and others who have bravely shared their stories. We stand with Kathryn Borel, Reva Seth, Zoe Kazan, and anyone else who has reported harassment or assault. We believe there are many stories that have not … Continued

An open letter from Hollaback Victoria

We received this submission a little while ago and, to be honest, struggled with a response that would not attack this individual, but open up a dialogue on the topic of who gets to decide what street harassment looks like. We live in a society that is built upon systemic oppressions that teach people to … Continued

Victoria Rises this Thursday!

  We are sick of men’s violence against women, and so are other women and their allies around the globe.  The team at Hollaback Victoria is proud to be supporting Victoria Rising- the local 1 Billion Rising Movement to bring awareness to – and end – violence against women!   If you have already joined … Continued