So over it

There has not been a single time I have walked on this street downtown without being catcalled. Tonight for example, the two block walk from the bar back to my car I was catcalled 3 separate times (plus twice on the way there). The first just stared me up and down and as soon as I’d passed yelled “Very niceee, looking good!” in a very creepy tone, too, that makes you wonder whether they’ll actually start to follow you or worse rather than just power trip.

The second guy was repeatedly whistling at me like I was a dog, when I ignored him he began to yell “HEY” for my attention which he was not entitled to.

The third noticed I was wearing heels (along with jeans and a zipped up leather jacket and minimal makeup not that it should matter cause it doesn’t stop this from happening anyway) and asked me if I “can walk in those”; given they were pretty damn high I proudly said yes and kept walking, after which he yelled back “Yes well they’re great, they’re doing wonders for your ass!” I ignored him and was very uncomfortable and he continued to repeat this a second time in an attempt to garner my attention.

The fourth guy also told me I had a nice ass and then the fifth guy mumbled very nice three times before I realized he was speaking of me which is when I made the mistake of looking over to make sure that I wasn’t misjudging the situation. When he saw me look over he began to yell “Very hot stuff” at me as I glared at him and continued down the street. Surprisingly, nobody was waiting around the corner of the next block which is usually where a large group of catcalling men typically hang around who are particularly vulgar (bitch, cunt, and whore are among the things they have called me in the past when not replying to them after they ask me “Yo baby how’s you’re night going?” Or something along those lines. Disgusting and so over this behaviour reoccurring on a daily basis.