“Entice, incite, gaslight.”

I was used by a man as a pawn to entice women to degrade me for him. He was aware that my degradation when done directly by him would lead to punishment, but he feigned a brief relationship in order to fool me into thinking that I was not being set up as a target.

The first instance I assumed the man was single and engaged in a relationship one evening. This occurred several other times. One time, another woman (woman 1) was present when there was a group of people. She indicated that the man was her boyfriend as of a few weeks. During these weeks, I had relations with the man. I said nothing.
Later that evening, I drank heavily. The man indicated that the woman who said she was his girlfriend was not actually his girlfriend, but thought she was, and we engaged in a relationship. She caught us clothed laying on the couch. She was not that upset but he left to the bedroom with her and I went home.

A few days later she (woman 1) asked me about myself and the man and I told her the truth. She did not blame him, but she unleashed slander on me. The man and woman 1 began a relationship again. He continued to talk to me electronically. He then indicated some time later that he did not want to be with her and requested I go to his house. The girlfriend was to come to pick up the remains of her items that day. I went. They argued and fought outside and there was violence between the two. I locked myself in the man’s house. I stayed the night and left the next day. He said he wanted a relationship with me. I agreed. Slightly afraid.

I then told a friend about it a few days later and the friend told me to end the relationship. I did in a kind way over text message with the man.

Several weeks later, while still communicating with the man electronically, I was being told that he had a previous ex was threatening me indirectly. I said I would not engage in any further communication or contact with the man and asked her to talk to me directly if she had any concerns. I also told this previous ex that I would not interfere in their relationship if they were to reunite.

One evening the man sent an enticing text to me. I responded hours later. The previous ex responded screaming, I was not aware she was there or they had reunited as he had told me she was bothering him the entire time. Since then she threatened me over text, phone, social media and I responded often improperly as she did to me, or tried to ‘school’ her and convince her desperately I had no interest in her boyfriend (the man).

They re-kindled the relationship and it is now going on still.

Since then she has indicated that if I bother them I would end up dead in the lake like my brother. She initiated the contact. She said that she and the man worked as a team. She falsified claims that I would poison her dog and should be in the ground with my brother on public social media naming my name. She made these up to garner support to harm me. She posted herself on slander sites naming me as the person who had made the post in order to appear victimized.

In addition, original woman he cheated on (woman 1) in the beginning has a friend who contacted me regarding her to call me names. I ended the conversation.

At some point, I began to see things coming after me – delusions. These were largely electronically. I was apprehended after telling a friend my heart hurt (actual physical heart not emotional) and wanted to be buried by my brother. That friend called the ambulance and I was apprehended and ended up in the psych ward.

When I was released, I heard enormous lies were being told about myself by woman 1. I anonymously queried the original woman (woman 1) about it and she falsified an enormous amount of claims about me including claims that I was stalking, getting in physical altercations with the couple and on and on. I live in a different city altogether, making these claims even more outrageous. I am also unable to drive. She indicated that I went to the hospital because I was obsessed with her. She was not in a relationship with the man, but she said he regretted cheating on her and always will. I was there when they ended it and he spat in her face. I could not believe someone would defend or continue to believe a relationship would exist between the two had such an event happen between the two. I ousted myself. She then knew she blew it. I called her on all her lies.

She had her friend tell me there would be repercussions. Repercussions for what? Her friend telling lies about me. I screenshot the conversation including her mocking me being in the hospital.

Most recently all three women, woman 1, previous ex and woman 1’s friend became friends and contacted someone they believed was my boyfriend. They told him I had put the previous ex on a slander site. The time stamp indicated a date in which I was in the hospital unable to create anything as I had no access to electronic devices.
The friend they contacted told her and she has since been silent. If I hear from them I am not aware of what to do as this is an unbearable situation. I do not want the man. I do not want to communicate with them. I do not want to be around them. But, they contact me indirectly. Entice, incite, gaslight. I cannot stop them.

In addition to this they harass me (all) for my size – very small. I am very small. I am under 100 lbs. I am underweight. They also accuse me of being a drug addict.