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Regarding the trial of Jian Ghomeshi

Hollaback! Canada joint statement We believe people who share their stories We stand in solidarity with Lucy DeCoutere, Linda Redgrave, and others who have bravely shared their stories. We stand with Kathryn Borel, Reva Seth, Zoe Kazan, and anyone else who has reported harassment or assault. We believe there are many stories that have not … Continued

He seemed oblivious to my personal space

I’d just finished work and was on the #26 bus heading to a friend’s house. The bus was almost empty just one or two people at the front. I walked right to the back and sat in the corner seat. A man got on after me and to my surprise he not only sat beside … Continued

Thankfully they kept walking

It was about 11 o’clock at night and I was on my way to meet a friend when I passed a group of about five guys drinking beers on the sidewalk in front of an apartment building. I excused myself and walked through them but as I passed I could hear them laughing and whistling. … Continued

Trying not to let this get to me

I was just waiting for the bus here when a guy in the passenger side of a car called me a cunt. Having a bad day but trying not to let this get to me. Shits bunk. [got_back]

“I was really shaken up”

I’m a young lady like most ladies that like to walk alone at night when getting from A to B. I consider it a valuable part of my independence that I refuse to be scared out of. So one night, I was wearing a new outfit, feeling pretty confident and walking down to Swans to … Continued

I still have nightmares

I am a mid-40’s longtime transgender female and have had many horrible instances of harassment, assault, and stalking. One in particular was very disturbing: in October 2013 I was harassed, assaulted and groped at a bus stop in broad daylight by three twenty-somethings. At first they thought I was a cisgender female and were ogling … Continued

He got increasingly aggressive

I was walking to Habit coffee shop today at about 8:30pm when I started getting harassed by a drunk guy. He was being really creepy and kept yelling comments about how I look and telling me that I should go hang out with him and all this shit. When I ignored him, he got increasingly … Continued

Groped on the Street

I was walking alone in broad daylight along Blanchard towards Yates when I noticed 3 men in about their mid-20s walking towards me. They were talking amongst themselves and laughing while watching me approach. This put me on alert. The guy closest to me started leering at me and, as he got closer, my crotch … Continued

I could feel it coming

I was walking home from downtown a few days ago and had a guy yell “Hey, baby!” at me as I walked by. I knew it was coming because I could see him looking at me in that way that makes you want to become temporarily invisible just so you can for once avoid the … Continued

I swerved to avoid them

I was walking up Yates street and swerved to avoid a group of guys. They seemed to be between the age of 30-40, and I got the impression they had been drinking because I could smell booze and they were talking really loudly. The guy closest to me whistled at me, and I glared at … Continued